ADPi Alum on Food Network Competition Final 4!

Final Update  Recently, one of our sisters from Southern Missouri, Tiffany Seth, participated in a Food Network show, The Great Food Truck Race. She and two other women partnered in this competition which began in LA five weeks ago. When the trucks were scheduled to come to Nashville, she reached out to our Alumnae Association for help.

Many of you responded to the call for assistance, rallied family and friends to follow the food truck’s location, and purchased from them. Violets to Sherri Halford who connected Tiffany Seth of Momma’s Grizzly Grub with a local up and coming star, Sara Darling, to also create some attention!

The Network threw a real monkey wrench into the competition by abruptly forcing the final four competitors to travel to Spring Hill and then to Crossville for filming and special challenges. This altered their plans to be downtown on Saturday afternoon, and instead, they were not able to make it there until later in the evening.

We planned on buying lunch from the truck and delivering it to the RMH — doing two great things in one, supporting our sister and feeding the families. Due to the schedule change, we ended up providing lunch from another source and delivering delicious dessert truffles from the truck for an evening snack.  Both parties were appreciative!

The film crew captures Alison and Carolyn placing our truffle order. It may end up on the cutting room floor, but you will have a chance to find out when the series airs at the end of August!

Now, she is ready to go home and reconnect with her family. We touched her heart and enforced her bond that we live for each other.  In her words, “the sisters of Nashville ADPi Alums totally rock!”


Here’s a recap of the details:

We had an exciting opportunity to support a sister competing in Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race Competition 6/2-3 in Nashville. It was also an excellent opportunity to promote ADPi!

Tiffany Seth grew up in Southeast Missouri and lived in Alaska for a time, hence her involvement with Momma’s Grizzly Grub, which is positioned on the show as the team from Alaska. She was initiated into ADPi at Southeast Missouri State in ’93. Tiffany asked us to wear our letters, if we wished, and to encourage friends and family to come out and support her. The winner was judged solely on most food sold.

The show will air Sunday, August 19, at 9pm CST.

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For more information on Tiffany Seth and Momma’s Grizzly Grub, visit their websites: